That depends on many different factors. Our on-line quote form provides the basic information we need to start establishing your requirements and our solutions. The primary factor in working out costs is how quickly you need your shipment moved from A to B; air freight is quick but more expensive than ocean freight – but there are more options than this.

Duty is calculated on the CIF value of a shipment. This means the Cost of the goods (as detailed on your suppliers’ commercial invoice), the Insurance paid on the shipment (if you haven’t insured the shipment Customs will still expect a figure to be accounted for), and the freight paid to move the shipment from A to B (all the costs, from door to door). Seaspace can assist in calculating Duty liabilities as well as undertaking Customs clearance on your behalf and ensuring the correct Duty is paid to Customs.

As much as possible, but for starters our on-line quote form gives us enough to get started

No. Many commodities can be imported at a zero rate of Duty. Furthermore, there are many Customs schemes available that offer relief from Duty payments even if it is initially liable. Seaspace can advise on these schemes and guide you through the complexities of Customs, as well as handling Customs clearance on your behalf.

That depends on the terms of purchase from your supplier. If you are liable for the freight and ancillary charges these can be paid via a 30 day account.

Call or email Seaspace and we will send you a simple credit application form.

The size and weight of your shipment might restrict the airline or sea container or vehicle necessary to move your shipment. Also, goods which are classed as hazardous, perishable or high value are regulated by international law. Call Seaspace with the details of your shipment and we can provide the best solution to moving that awkward load.

Yes. Seaspace International have IATA qualified staff who can help you through the complex regulations, documents, packing and carriage requirements necessary for the transport of hazardous cargo.